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Take-Out Menu


All stir fry bases are vegetarian and weight 455 grams (1lb) that our chefs will balance tastefully. We recommend adding-on your source of protein and noodles. Includes chopsticks, soy sauce and fortune cookie. No substitutions. 

Call  604-902-6416 to place your order. Pickup only, for delivery order on Whistler Dine-In.

  • The Griller’s Choice $19.99 (1lb)

    Edamame, red pepper, green pepper, zucchini, jalapeño, red cabbage, garlic and ginger with our Asian sesame sauce.

  • The Teriyaki Classic $19.99 (1lb)

    Green pepper, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, onion, garlic and ginger with Teriyaki sauce.

  • The Sea to Sky $19.99 (1lb)

    Red pepper, green pepper, mushroom, edamame, carrots and corn with our Sea to Sky sauce.

  • The Coconut Curry $19.99 (1lb)

    Broccoli, zucchini, chickpea, mushroom, onion and ginger with coconut milk and panang sauce. (Gluten free)

  • The Sweet Chili $19.99 (1lb)

    Red pepper, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, red cabbage with a sweet chili sauce. (Gluten free)

  • The Kid’s Favourite $13.99 (350g)

    Broccoli, corn, and Chow Mein noodles with a sweet and sour sauce.

  • Want to make your stirfry custom?

    Come on in and create your own stirfry from all the options of our foodbar. We will box and bag your meal for you to take away.


  • + Add Protein +$4

    Choice of: Chicken, Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Chorizo, Prawns or Tofu

  • + Add Noodles +$3

    Choice of: Yaki soba, Rice noodles, Chow mein or Udon

  • + Add Vegetables +$2

    Choice of: Pineapple, baby corn, mushroom, onion, zucchini, water chestnut or tomato

  • + Side of white or brown rice +$3
  • + Hot Chili Garlic Sauce + 25c
  • + Hoisin Sauce + 25c

Call 604-902-6416 to place an order