201 - 4295 Blackcomb way - Whistler | 604.938.9416
Thursday, May 27 4PM
No Reservation needed

50% OFF

Lunch & Dinner

*with the purchase of a beverage

June 6-10


You Create

Choose your favourite meats, seafoods & vegetables. Flavour with your favourite sauce combinations.

We Grill

Your meal will be weighted by our chefs ($24.04 lb/$53.00 kg), then theatrically grilled to perfection.

You Enjoy

Your choice of jasmine or brown rice will be waiting when you return to your table.
- Enjoy!

Located in the heart
of the Whistler Village

Located in the heart of beautiful Whistler Village, Mongolie Grill is the ultimate dining experience with fresh and tasty ingredients grilled to perfection in front of your eyes! Independently owned and operated since 1996, Mongolie Grill is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Whistler.

We operate on a walk-in basis only. Please give us a call 20 minutes before your arrival and we will add you to our waitlist shall there be one

We are Allergy Aware

All our ingredients are fresh and tasty, we have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available. Let your server know about any specific allergies/dietary requirements.

Local Beers, Wines & Handcrafted Cocktails

Ask your server about our seasonal beers, wines and feature cocktails.