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Food + Drink

Discover a delicious, fun and entertaining dining experience! We pride ourselves on serving only the freshest selection of vegetables, meats, seafood and sauces to ensure the tastiest of experiences. Mongolie Grill allows you to get creative and cater to your own taste-buds by choosing your own stir-fry combination!

You Create

Choose your favourite meats, seafoods & vegetables. Flavour with your favourite sauce combinations.

We Grill

Your meal will be weighted by our chefs ($27.65 lb/$61 kg), then theatrically grilled to perfection.

You Enjoy

Your choice of jasmine or brown rice will be waiting when you return to your table.
- Enjoy!


We take extra care to thoroughly clean a large portion of the grill and use new utensils. All of our sauces are Vegeterian and almost all of them are Vegan friendly! Please be sure to alert the Chef to your dietary requirements before you hand over your creation.